About the Admin

  1. I am an artist
  2. I love writing and have written quite a few stories
  3. I am very outgoing
  4. I hate large crowds
  5. I love animals. Mainly wolves, tigers and dogs
  6. I love food
  7. My favourite bands are Green Day and Fall Out Boy, I listen to alternative/punk rock, I love music
  8. I love the beach. I love swimming and think of water almost as my element.
  9. I love to spend time with my friends
  10. I talk a LOT
  11. I am a very confusing person, yet I am very easily confused
  12. I am very loud
  13. I am usually in a good mood and it is very hard to get me mad
  14. I am a naturally hyper person
  15. I like to annoy my friends
  16. I love volleyball
  17. I am a very colourful person
  18. I have two dogs
  19. I am a hunter
  20. I am a fisher

2 thoughts on “About the Admin

  1. G’day admin Kallie,
    Sounds like you have many interests. Have you always been in an international school? What are some of the advantages or disadvantages of being there?

    • This is actually my first year at an international school. I’d say that one of the main advantages is that I get to learn more about different religions and people. I love the fact that so many people come from different places and you can learn about the world just by hanging out with your friends. I don’t think there really are any disadvantages.

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